Living in a world where we have come to understand that the only certainty is uncertainty, we increasingly need ways to connect, escape, heal and renew.

There is a growing body of evidence that links engaging with art to mental and spiritual wellbeing. Art provides the opportunity to transcend the daily hardships and trauma – it is timeless, cerebral, connective, and universally accessible.

Between Today and Tomorrow is a repository of society’s collective memory - preserving the artists’ experience of how it feels to exist in this particular place, at this extraordinarily particular time. Above all, it is intended to provide solace and optimism, inspire curiosity, connect people, and allow us to dream, reflect, meditate – at a time when the pandemic has made it feel as though nothing may ever be ‘normal’ again.

The exhibition is running online and will culminate in an online auction, with all proceeds from the fine art prints going to the contributing artists. The project will be published in a limited edition photographic book, and potentially a physical show.