Jo Duck

Cars, kid and cake. Repeat.

During this pandemic, I’ve been looking after my son with my husband in what feels like the smallest suburb on earth.

The first lockdown I could handle.

The second lockdown was fine.

But six weeks of stage 4 has been suffocating. The photographic industry has shut down, as have the childcare centres.

So me and this kid, we’re thick as thieves.

We have our state-sanctioned one hour outdoors everyday where we look for my favourite thing (shitty cars) and his favourite thing (dog poo. Not photographed). We’ve each celebrated our birthdays in isolation without family, along with mothers day, fathers day, our wedding anniversary and Easter.

We try to keep things light and fun for our little boy but the relentless repetition is surely having an effect on him as he changes into a 3 year old.

We’re supposed to find out this weekend if the lockdown will continue. I would love to be working but more than anything, I want to see my family and friends.

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