Lilli Waters

Friends on Film, 2020

'Friends on Film' is a portrait series documenting family and friends on medium format film after social distancing restrictions were temporarily eased in the state of Victoria. The series was inspired by being forced to live in the present moment, isolation and the need for human connection, and sharing of our own individual experiences of this strange time.

For me, having a newfound amount of time on my hands meant I was able to find purpose and joy in a bonding ritual by capturing these portraits.

I was attempting to embrace what was an enforced slowing down and used this approach in my practice. Every picture was carefully considered, far removed from working in the pre-Covid digital realm. When stage 4 lockdown was enforced, I was no longer permitted to take portraits.

The analog camera lens for me at that time, was a portal into a different way of seeing, a re-evaluation of how I felt about photography, and how ultimately, it was the only way in which I could connect with other humans.

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