Tania Kelley

Still Stand

A running theme in my work is often an outsider perspective - of someone looking in, the voyeur, the photographer, the passive or invisible participant. I am drawn to still moments of reflection and calm. Thus, in a sense much of my work reflects the overall feeling of this time. For all of us stuck at home and isolated from the rest of the world.

This time of lockdown and the slowing down of the social side of life, has given me the opportunity, between homeschooling, to look back at my body of work. I had not given photography enough attention in the last few years. So during this time I set myself the task of cataloguing and thinking about making a book form these images.

We have also gotten glimpses into people's homes and private spheres, like never before. From online job interviews to online yoga classes, the world became simultaneously more distant and more intimate. And although much of it has been filled with activity there has still been plenty of time to reflect and indulge in activities you may have thought too hard or time-consuming before.

I was already in a transition phase as lockdown intensified and in many ways it was quite comforting. The world was slowing down to a pace I was more comfortable with. The pressure to do and be productive was taken away. The guilt of not making the most of every moment of free time, especially for parents, was eased. There was time to explore again. I am not quite ready to go back to life as it was before and am grateful for the time I have had to revisit my images and imagine new beginnings.

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